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High Lander news roundup: June 2023

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

In the northern hemisphere, June is the month with the longest daylight hours - perhaps this explains how we managed to get so much done! From amazing new integrations to helping to supervise events with hundreds of thousands of people, last month was non-stop for us at High Lander.

Personal aircraft

AIR is a company with a product that's truly revolutionary: an eVTOL for personal piloting. Of course, before such personal-use aircraft are authorized for use on a large scale, we’ll need an infallible air traffic management system. High Lander was happy to provide it. Read more about the AIR ONE and Universal UTM integration by clicking the picture.

An evening of rock

Rock legends Guns ’n’ Roses played for three hours to a crowd of 60,000 people in Yarkon Park, Tel Aviv. The Tel Aviv Municipality drone team worked hard to keep watch over everything - and High Lander’s Mission Control powered their drones. On the way, the High Lander team got to enjoy the concert too. It was incredible!

Proud to be at Pride

If you think 60,000 is a lot of people, you should have seen Tel Aviv’s Pride weekend! With more than 200,000 people attending, Tel Aviv Municipality had its work cut out - luckily they had Mission Control to manage their drones and keep an eye on everything. We felt privileged to play a vital part in keeping this important event safe.

Alon’s GUTMA interview

High Lander became a member of the Global UTM Association in May, joining a global community of leading aviation players and national regulators. GUTMA’s June newsletter featured Alon in a fascinating interview - he shared his vision of the future of air traffic management and what our current systems need to do to adapt to the future.

EU workshop on drone airports

The Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument of the European Commission (or TAIEX to its friends) came to Tel Aviv for a workshop on the burgeoning AAM sector, with a focus on vertiport infrastructure. It’s a testament to how close we really are to seeing a network of air taxis! Alon was invited to share his insights on how the infrastructure will look and what air traffic control systems need to do to cope with the new traffic.

New faces

High Lander is growing fast! In June we were happy to welcome no fewer than five new employees! Alon and Yannai are new additions to the development team, Charles is our new Sales Manager, Ofek joined to take charge of customer integrations, and Bat-or is our new design lead.

The high life

We had to make a good impression on all of these new employees, so we took them out for cheese and wine at the Tasting Room, Tel Aviv. We just hope they won't get too used to it...

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