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High Lander will provide UTM services to AIR ONE, the world’s first eVTOL for personal piloting

“Honey, we’re out of milk. Could you fly to the store and get some?”

Sentences like this could one day be an everyday occurrence thanks to AIR, the world’s first producer of private use electric take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOLs).

We’re proud to announce that these incredible vehicles will be flying under the guidance of High Lander’s Universal UTM - and last month at the Israel National Drone Initiative, AIR’s eVTOL performed its first UTM-integrated test flight.

The advanced air mobility (AAM) space is one of the most exciting sectors of the drone market because it deals with drones that carry the most precious of all cargos - human beings. These drones are called eVTOLs, and they could bring about a fundamental change in the way we carry out our day to day lives. They could cut traffic congestion, carbon emissions, and just generally offer a much more pleasant way to travel. It’s no wonder then that the global eVTOL market is already worth billions and is projected to grow at a staggering rate.

AIR actually takes the eVTOL concept a step further than most - instead of air taxis, the company is producing vehicles for personal use. In other words, users will be able to fly their eVTOLs themselves instead of relying on a ground-based operator. This would democratize flight to an extent never seen before, making what was once a science fiction dream into a reality.

With such an exciting product, it’s no wonder that AIR is already selling pre-orders of its aircraft. However, what remains is for regulators to give their approval to fly. And for this to happen, providers need to be able to ensure complete safety. This has been a challenge in the drone space up until now because these small aerial vehicles aren’t covered by traditional air traffic control. If they start carrying people, air traffic control becomes even more important.

This is where High Lander’s uncrewed traffic management (UTM) system comes in. It’s an automated platform that monitors all airborne activity - crewed and uncrewed - over territories of any size. It analyzes flight plans against each other and gives approval, denial, and alternatives as needed. Flying under this system will ensure that AIR’s eVTOLs can operate with full compliance and without conflicting with other aircraft, of any kind.

Or to put it in other words - working with High Lander’s UTM means that AIR’s personal use eVTOLs are that much closer to being delivered to customers.

So next time you find yourself sitting in traffic and looking up a passing passenger jet, wishing you were on board, take heart. Soon, flying will be as easy as getting in your car.

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