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What is High Lander?

Aviation is evolving. A new generation of aircraft has opened the sky up to more people than ever before, and High Lander was created by veterans of aviation and technology to guide this evolution. We empower people to take advantage of a world of new opportunities while maintaining strict standards of safety in our increasingly crowded skies.

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What do we do?

We’ve created software solutions that set a global standard for drone fleet management and consolidated airspace control. They enable anyone to begin using drones at a professional level, while creating a U-space where crewed and uncrewed aerial vehicles can operate together in harmony.

Our solutions

UAV technology has opened the possibilities of flight to everyone for the first time in history and there are already millions of drones in the air. These machines have taken on roles with emergency services, in private and state security, delivery services, construction and mapping, agriculture, conservation, advanced air mobility… the list goes on and more uses are being discovered every day. High Lander’s talented team of military veterans, aviation professionals and technology experts have created solutions that enable anyone to use these incredible machines easily and safely, while providing authorities with the tools to manage all this new air traffic safely.  



gives users end-to-end control of drone fleets of any size. Its mission editor can handle any number of drones, and of any type, and the intuitive dashboard is packed full of utility and safety features so new users can hit the ground running.



is the evolution of air traffic control.
It’s a fully autonomous system providing real-time airspace awareness encompassing all aerial activity,
crewed and uncrewed, over territories of any size.

Leading the way
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