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Traffic analysis experiment demonstrates power of tethered drones

As part of this month's Israel National Drone Initiative, Cando Drones used High Lander's Mission Control to dispatch and control a drone tethered to the Quadpole One drone-in-a-box system. The mission was traffic watch for Ayalon Highways - the drone monitored traffic flow on one of Israel’s busiest roads for an entire day, gathering hours of data for analysis.

What are the advantages of a tether? Firstly, it provides a power source enabling a drone to stay in the air indefinitely, a huge advantage over the limited battery life of free flying drones. In terms of safety, there’s no risk of a tethered drone getting lost, conflicting with other aircraft, or straying into an NFZ, which are major issues with free-flying drones. As a result, they avoid many of the regulatory constraints that come with free-flying drones - it's much easier to receive operational approval. They are also less likely to be affected by sudden bad weather because they are never far away from their base.

Tethered drones provide long-term observation capabilities that make them extremely useful in a range of different sectors. They are perfect guards for property, border security, military bases, prisons, and so on. They are used by fire departments worldwide to help ground teams reconnoitre dangerous situations before entry. The drones can serve as temporary communication towers and network expanders with tethers containing high-speed data cables for reliable communications and data transmission. Theses constant airborne watchers can be used in agriculture, providing analysis of crop health and animal behaviors over time, and in the entertainment industry too.

The Quadpole drone-in-a-box system is easily portable, enabling users to set up wherever they need to. The tether has a maximum height of 200 meters and a flight radius of 100 meters. It can be remotely disconnected if necessary, freeing the drone for around 30 minutes of free flight.

Quadpole One and Quadpole Mini, when used in conjunction with Mission Control, provide a powerful, easy-to-use and drone-agnostic observation platform.

For more information, get in touch for a demo.

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