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The INDI Project is Back!

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Israel is always ahead of the curve when it comes to new technology. So when the guys at the Israel Innovation Authority heard that our every need could be served by fleets of flying robots, they said to themselves: “Yes.” And this is how the Israel National Drone Initiative was born. 👼

For the last two years, people from selected drone-related companies (operators, manufacturers, software providers) have met to test their solutions in rural and urban airspaces around the country. The goal is to work together to build a new infrastructure - in the sky.

At High Lander, our purpose is to prove to the authorities that our Universal UTM system makes widespread drone activity safe. So naturally, we were at the first round of INDI testing, and we’ve never missed a single session. The work we’ve done so far is incredible.

For example, we’ve:

🏅 completed more than 16,000 drone flights, in all weather conditions

🏅 delivered sushi, ice cream, medications, and more, to residents in urban areas

🏅 executed beyond-visual-line-of-sight deliveries (up to 20km!)

🏅 performed reconnaissance flights for municipalities, exposing dangerous litterers with a direct video feed 🦹‍♂️

🏅 successfully managed other INDI participant fleets with our Universal UTM

🏅 demonstrated that Universal UTM is truly agnostic by integrating with a wide variety of drone brands and types

🏅 got our Universal UTM in line with EASA regulations

The INDI project has allowed us to rigorously (and vigorously) field-test our systems, giving us more confidence than ever before as we get ready to start a new round of tests at INDI 2023. There’s a bigger budget, more participants, more eyes watching… and our goals are even more ambitious. What are these goals, we hear you ask?

We want to see a cleaner and safer world, where electricity-powered drones supply, protect and serve us. But as with any new technology, there are dangers that need to be dealt with before the authorities and the public can accept it.

That is the purpose of Universal UTM. It’s an air traffic control system for unmanned flight, scalable to an international level.

We’ve already proved that it works, but this year we’re going bigger. We’ll be testing it with bigger fleets, a wider selection of drone types, with air taxis, with remote ID capabilities, and more. It’s all geared towards the holy grail: safe coexistence with manned aviation. ✈️ Every round of INDI brings the future a little bit closer, and we’re incredibly proud and excited to be playing such an important role.

We'd be really happy to see you there, so come visit! For more information, drop us a line at

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