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Share Link - giving everyone an eye in the sky

Once upon a time, if you wanted a more elevated point of view, you’d have to rely on a noisy, expensive helicopter. Drones have already given us a much better option. They’re exponentially cheaper and easier to fly, and while still quite noisy, not nearly so bad.

Even so, not everyone has the time and/or resources to operate a drone. Thanks to High Lander, this doesn’t matter anymore.

Share Link enables a drone operator to create a link that gives access to their drone's live video feed, and its map location. They can share the link with anyone, and there’s no need to download an app to see the video feed.

Imagine the applications.

First responders

One of the many challenges that face first responders is that they have to waste time gathering information when they arrive at a scene. That's why drones have already been widely adopted by emergency services, and have already saved hundreds of lives. Share Link takes this one step further - now, first responders don’t need to rely on the interpretation of the drone operator because they can see the view from the response drone themselves. From fire crews that need to see how they can approach and park at a burning building, to paramedics who need information on the state of their patients, Share Link enhances the life-saving power of the drone.

Police chases

While there's nothing like the thumping propellors of a police chopper in the sky terrifying birds and criminals alike, drones have already proved themselves to be more effective at triangulating escaping criminals. Furthermore, they are great for gauging the safety of a crime scene before arrival, and are one of the best tools available when searching for missing persons, especially in natural areas. With Share Link, police officers have a direct line to the camera, cutting out the middleman and making them more effective.


There are many areas in which people would benefit from an alternative point of view. Like repair crews who want to inspect hard-to-reach places before climbing/crawling there themselves, and people at music festivals who want to see closer to the stage. ShareLink gives drone operators an opportunity to use their machines to offer services to the public. One example could be traffic watch. In the olden days, a reporter would sit in a helicopter and scream their impression of the scene below over the engine. While this was always a relaxing and accurate way to plan one’s journey, it did have its limitations. With Share Link, regular, ground-bound people could log in and see for themselves.

The repercussions of ShareLink are enormous. New business opportunities, life-saving utility... but most importantly, it enables more people than ever to see for themselves what it's like to fly.

What applications can you think of? Because if you can think of one, you can do it! For more information about this and any other of our features, or to organize a demo, get in touch:

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