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High Lander Secures $3 Million Round of Funding

High Lander, which provides an end-to-end solution for the management of autonomous drone fleets, has announced the conclusion of a $3 million round of funding. This seed round included AGV Group and was led by Paras Defence and Space Technologies.

Mumbai-based Paras Defense and Space Technologies has over 40 years of experience in defence and space engineering and was already involved in the drone space through its subsidiary, Paras Aerospace Solution. The latter is a leading drone company in India, focusing on a wide range of UAV Integrations and UAV based services in the domain of aerial mapping & surveying. Adding an investor with experience in the industry will serve to strengthen potential collaborative efforts.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be receiving backing from a family of companies as experienced as Paras,” said Alon Abelson, CEO of High Lander. “We’ve seen their keen knack for the drone market - both in India and worldwide - and clearly they understand what we’ve been able to accomplish quickly at High Lander.”

Based in Raanana, Israel, High Lander has been pioneering drone technology since its founding in 2018. Led by a veteran air traffic control commander from the Air Force and an experienced technological innovator, High Lander has excelled at combining aviation with tech. With their team of out-of-the box thinkers, they have already shattered the paradigm of what a software-only solution can do to empower fleets of autonomous drones. With the world on the precipice of enormous changes in automated aerial delivery, imaging, and security, High Lander stands perfectly positioned to be the go-to solution across a wide range of sectors.

“High Lander’s innovation has impressed us from the start, and their mature product offering has them well positioned to play a huge role in the future of drone technology,” said Mr. Munjal Shah, Managing Director, Paras Defence. “A strategic relationship with High Lander always made sense to us, so the opportunity to offer a firm commitment dovetailed with our overall goals. This investment offers a great value for us both and further strengthens our positioning in the market.”

Beyond the investment, Paras and High Lander have committed to working together to exploit market opportunities. There are regulatory obstacles in India that High Lander is perfectly suited to not only address, but revolutionize. The partnership on this project will bring a viable solution to a current challenge, while opening the door to future joint ventures.

“From the get-go, Paras knew our technology could solve a rather complex problem for their local market, and as we grew more comfortable with them a larger vision materialized. This is not only an investment that will allow us to fast-track current projects and expand, but also a strategic partnership that we’re extremely excited to be a part of,” said Ido Yahalomi, CTO of High Lander.

High Lander will use the influx in capital to further invest in product development, to penetrate new markets, to expand the team in order to better serve customers, and to work towards the goal of a world made better with drone technology.

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