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June 2024 news roundup: a month of upgrades

June was a big month for High Lander. We became the first Israeli company to receive DJI’s new Dock 2, as well as becoming an official DJI Enterprise Ecosystem Partner. On top of that, we hired some exciting new talents and executed significant upgrades to our systems.  

DJI Dock 2

We became the first company in Israel to acquire the DJI Dock 2. This dock is considerably smaller and lighter than its predecessor but retains the quality, robustness and extensive menu of features. We’re proud to offer this piece of kit to our clients as part of the Orion package. 

Vega 3D  

We announced the release of Vega’s 3D interface - a map mode that provides a more immersive visualization of complex airspaces. It will help users to plan safe missions, and give authorities a more instinctive understanding of their jurisdictions.  

DJI Ecosystem Partner 

We were honored to become an official DJI Enterprise Ecosystem Partner. DJI is the world leader in drone technology, with products that set a standard to which companies around the world aspire. 

Major system migration

With scalability in mind, we worked with Directeam to upgrade our system architecture. By migrating our cloud to AWS, implementing systems for auto-scaling our Kubernetes clusters and deploying across additional availability zones, our systems are more ready than ever to take manage the world's air traffic.

Kineret Klein 

We welcomed a new UX/UI Product Designer, Kineret Klein. Kineret is a talented designer with years of experience in honing user journeys - she’s already begun applying her skills to our systems. We can’t wait to show you the results!  

INDI 17: Directing traffic 

At INDI 17 we focused on prioritization, a vitally important aspect of traffic management.  Calculating priority involves multiple variables including aircraft and airspace types, mission objectives, altitudes, potential deviations and more - so we tested Vega’s protocols against a range list of situations and conflicts.

Muni Expo 2024 

This was a very fruitful event that focused on technologies and strategies for municipalities to manage and improve public safety and quality of life in their cities. Drones have become a vital tool in city management, and it was a pleasure to showcase our solutions and network with representatives and politicians from around the country.

The next generation

We hosted students from the UAV Program at HaKfar HaYarok. These students have chosen to specialize in drones as an element of their advanced curriculum, and as part of this they visit High Lander every year. It was a pleasure to show them around, present education sessions, and show them what Orion can do.  

Ofek Ayzen 

We took on a new drone pilot and QA tester, Ofek Ayzen. Ofek is a technology whiz and experienced drone pilot and instructor - he’ll be helping iron out bugs in our systems and taking charge of flight training for new employees. 

Learning to fly  

We took our new employees to the airfield for a course in drone flying. They learned flight maneuvers, safety protocols, and the principles of airmanship. Drones are our bread and butter, so it’s important to us that all of our employees are able to handle one in the sky! 

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