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High Lander news roundup: May 2023

The month of May is always an exciting time - the summer is beginning and people are planning where they’ll go on vacation. But there was no time for High Lander to take a break! Amongst other things, May saw us speaking at the UN, meeting governmental authorities of Singapore, and joining the world’s leading UTM association!

New members of GUTMA

We’ll start with the biggest news - High Lander became a member of the Global UTM Association! This consortium of aviation companies and national regulators has been the world’s leading advocate for UTM technology since 2016. Its goal is to create a global standard for UTM technology and open safe U-spaces worldwide. Thanks to its working groups, industry reports and political connections, GUTMA has real influence over international decisions. From now on, High Lander will be able to offer our expertise and experience to the organization as it works to build a new sky over Europe and beyond.

A visit from Singapore

We were proud to receive representatives from the Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) of Singapore to our offices in Raanana. This organization is responsible for spearheading the integration of scientific and engineering innovations for public safety in Singapore. The city-state is one of the most technologically advanced places in the world, so it’s no surprise that authorities there have a drone strategy which includes integrating UTM technology into their existing air traffic control network.

The Big Apple

Our PMO Rom Sever went to the Headquarters of the United Nations to present our vision and technology to a distinguished crowd of UN representatives, regulators and drone industry executives. Our solutions are already having a major impact on aviation worldwide, so we suspect that this won’t be the last time we’ll be speaking to such an audience.

On the bayou

Ido and Rom flew to Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana. The city has a network of gunshot detection sensors, and we worked with East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office to connect the system to Mission Control. Now, if a gunshot is detected, drones are automatically dispatched to the scene. Thanks to the BIRD Foundation for their support in this exciting innovation!

Rocky Mountain High

Finally, Ido and Rom flew to Denver to attend XPONENTIAL at the Colorado Exhibition Center. It’s one of the world’s leading technology expos, packed with industry figures, thought leaders and groundbreaking uncrewed technologies of all kinds. They had a great time showing off our technology and making new contacts. We’ll definitely be back again!

Mission Control takes off in Brazil

We have a lot of love for Brazil - last month, we signed a partnership with the biggest drone delivery company in the country and began integration talks with its principal supplier of ATM technology! This May, we were proud to see Mission Control officially launched in this enormous, dynamic market via our local distributor Ôguen. Hen Harel, CEO of Ôguen, explained the platform and how it ties into the future of aviation in this fascinating podcast.

All about tethers

This round of INDI might have been our busiest one yet! We tested a load of new integrations and flew in various airspaces around the country. One of the more exciting projects was with Quadpole, a tethered drone solution. We tested the service in collaboration with Cando Drones and Ayalon Highways to monitor traffic on a busy highway. Thanks to the tether, the drone stayed in the air all day long, gathering long-term data that isn’t achievable in any other way. Amazing stuff!

Welcome Zohar

We were delighted to say hello to our new office manager, Zohar Harodi! We’ll be relying on her for so much, from being the brain behind team activities (like picnics), organizing everything that needs to be organized, and just generally looking after us in a million different ways. She’s already made her mark at High Lander and we’re happy to have her!

Time for a picnic

It was the Jewish festival of Shavuot last week. With the weather warming up and with so much to celebrate, it seemed a shame to celebrate in the office. So we went to the park for a picnic! We ate, played games, raised a glass to this month’s achievements and to the birthdays of our founders Alon and Ido.

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