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High Lander at Drones Beyond 2023

We were proud to travel to Bari, Italy, to exhibit our solutions at Drones Beyond 2023. This event has been running for a few years now, providing a hub of education, innovation and connection that makes great contributions to the drone ecosystem in Italy and beyond.

The 2023 iteration of the event was focused on smart cities. The topics at hand included urban air mobility and vertiport infrastructure, test and demonstration sites for UAS solutions, the integration of UTM services into existing air traffic management networks, and other subjects vital to the integration of drones into our airspace on a large scale.

High Lander has strong connections with Italy. Working with our partners DTA and Sightec, we’re helping Bari police use Orion DFM to combat the widespread issue of illegal landfills. It was an honor to demonstrate this project to the attendees, as well as explaining the wider applications of our solutions.

We were also honored to meet with our partners, TopView. Based in Caserta, TopView engages in a wide range of projects aimed at integrating drones into society, including working with the Italian and European space agencies to supply an autonomous drone system to collect data to detect and mitigate natural disasters, leading the development of Certiflight which certifies the flight paths of UAVs and light aircraft operating in VLL airspace, and the ICARUS project which proposes a GNSS-based solution to the Common Altitude Reference system.

Alon Abelson was also invited to participate in a panel discussion. In the first video, he discusses our project in Bari. As innovative as it is, it’s just a first step in the much wider-ranging development of scalable smart cities. But what is needed to integrate drones into a city’s infrastructure? How can fleets of drones be managed efficiently within an urban environment? Watch the video to find out.

In this next video, Alon talks about how demand for the total airspace awareness gained from a national UTM system has become critical in today’s challenging world. What’s needed to activate robust deconfliction strategies? With heavy use of drones, how can we identify between friend and foe? Learn the answers - and hear a couple of important announcements - here:

Just as in 2022, Drones Beyond was an unmissable event and it was a great honor to take center stage. Until next year, we’ll continue our work in Italy - not just with Bari Municipality but with several exciting drone companies throughout the country.

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