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Taking to the Skies in Urban Areas

On Sunday, June 20th the second NAAMA project event will be kicking off, and we’re hard at work getting ready to make another bold impression!

Some say we’re living in the future here at High Lander. The truth is, we know that the future is already here. Our groundbreaking technology is creating a world filled with autonomous drones, servicing almost any industry you can think of. Now we’re at a tipping point. The moment in time where everyday citizens will truly see how drone technology will change their lives every single day. To get there, the drone ecosystem needs to show how safe and reliable it can be over urban areas. Which is why we’re hard at work preparing for our leading role in the upcoming NAAMA project event.

What is the NAAMA Project?

The NAAMA project (an acronym in hebrew for “urban air mobility”) is a pilot program to demonstrate flight in a managed airspace. The project was launched in the beginning of 2021 as a joint effort by the Israel Innovation Authority, the Ministry of Transportation, Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI) – the regulator, Ayalon Highways, and Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Photo courtesy of Foreign Trade Administration (

While the NAAMA project is based in Israel, it is a first of its kind endeavor that will serve as a global example of what is possible. As Aharon Aharon, CEO Israel Innovation Authority, explained earlier this year “Operating drones in a managed urban airspace is one of the most significant challenges prior to establishing regulation and integration of autonomous drones in Israel’s airspace.” With its small size and busy airspace, Israel serves as an excellent proving ground, and thus the entire world is watching.

Making More History

After the first NAAMA project event in March was a rousing success, in no small part by our very own High Lander team, we’re now laser-focused on achieving much, much more. In March we saw how High Lander led the way with our UTM solution, managing an airspace of multiple drones of all different types, and operated by multiple partners. It was a first, but we won’t stop there. It’s time to break new ground, again!

This upcoming event we’ll be changing location and flying directly over urban areas in real-time. That means showing off how High Lander-controlled drones can fly directly over buildings within the most rigid safety standards, using ParaZero’s parachute safety system and Elsight’s secure communication redundancy solution as additional fail-safes. Through our partnership with Cando Drones, we’ll harness a fleet of their industry-leading delivery drones that can accomplish any mission.

With the skies secure, we’ll be partnering with large companies, such as the Israel Post, to make real deliveries via autonomous drones. Observers will see first-hand how multiple delivery drones can be coordinated by our platform, as well as getting a look at the user-end experience of the entire process. Through our partnership with Cando Drones, we’ll be equipped with a fleet of advanced delivery drones

To bring an additional real-world element to this demonstration, we’ve enlisted the help of local homeland security and firefighter flight teams. They’ll be flying in the same airspace as our delivery drones, providing a real-time case study of how seamless and reliable the High Lander platform is at managing all of this - and doing it autonomously!

Follow Us!

We’re excited to take another step forward in bringing the incredible benefits of drone technology to urban areas. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn so you can stay updated on everything that we’re doing, especially the upcoming NAAMA event.

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