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Super Exciting Day at INDI (Israeli National Drone Initiative) DELIVERED!

Israel, 27 June 2022

A super exciting day at INDI (Israeli National Drone Initiative). Today, High Lander’s industry leading Universal UTM platform successfully orchestrated numerous autonomous BVLOS deliveries. From life-saving medications to delicious ice-cream - our multi airspace control solution simply DELIVERED.

Drone-agnostic capabilities allowed many types of drones to be supported; from an off-the-shelf DJI drone to a commercial-grade Speedbird Aero drone; and superior auto-collision avoidance algorithms ensured that it all went smoothly.

We are overjoyed to see so many drone-related brands, companies and partners coordinated flawlessly together under our Universal UTM platform.

We salute our dear partners at Unilever and Rami Levi who supported these activities and to Cando Drones who made sure all operations are successful.

Follow us and let’s soar into the future together!

High Lander ice cream delivery by a drone
Ice cream delivery by a drone

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