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Introducing the OmniDock

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

High Lander is proud to announce a new integration and partnership.

This amazing piece of kit is called the OmniDock, the creation of Counterdrone Inc. of Utah, USA.

The OmniDock is a perfect fit for Mission Control because like our platform, it’s drone-agnostic. This is achieved with a configurable landing base, enabling it to house and charge heavy-duty, tethered, and tailsitter drones. OmniDock is also equipped with an LTE router for cloud-based connectivity and includes a weather station.

The hemispheric shape provides maximum ergonomic efficiency, so it can fit one large, two small, or three mini-drones at the same time, as well as accommodating winch systems if needed. It’s fully weatherproof, climate-controlled with temperature and humidity sensors, and its signature shape means it has the same footprint open or closed while keeping moisture from accumulating on top.

The OmniDock has storage space under the charging floor where additional drones and supplies can be kept, as well as battery backup power in case of outages. It can launch drones in under three seconds, providing a powerful launchpad for any application, but it’s particularly well-designed for autonomous security missions, whether preplanned or activated by security sensors or other pre-programmed triggers.

The OmniDock is the brainchild of Shaun Jafarian, a veteran who served in the US Marines and Air Force. He founded Counterdrone in 2015 to provide engineering services for military and private entities, and these experiences led him to understand that a better docking station was needed for truly effective autonomous security. The OmniDock is new to the market but orders have already been placed in the USA, Australia and the Netherlands.

Docking stations: homes and highways

The ability to execute fully autonomous missions is one of the most exciting applications of drone technology. However, hardware is still limited by battery life, vulnerability to weather, and the need for a person to oversee and charge equipment. These issues are also a roadblock to large-scale operations and long-range flights.

Docking stations are the answer to both of these problems.

Docking stations can be placed anywhere and are more than just a launchpad for missions. They remove people from the equation by providing a safe haven where exhausted drones can recharge independently, protected from harsh weather. On a grander scale, docking stations placed at strategic waypoints could create drone highways. Or in other words, a new national infrastructure that operates alongside roads, railways and airports.

High Lander Mission Control is docking station-agnostic, enabling our users to get the most out of their drone fleets no matter what hardware they choose to use. The OmniDock is a next-generation docking station and we look forward to seeing our users discover its capabilities.

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