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High Lander March 2024 news roundup: world tour

March was a busy month for High Lander. We sent teams to Italy, Switzerland and the USA to attend conferences, meet partners, and demonstrate our solutions. We also led a three-day event showcasing the security applications of Orion DFM at Caesarea Business Park, and even managed to squeeze in another round of the INDI project!

Caesarea Live Display 2024 

We teamed up with Cando Drones, Sentrycs, and Caesarea Development Corporation for a three-day showcase of a groundbreaking security system called Caesarea Live Display 2024. Based on Orion, Caesarea Business Park’s security system can respond autonomously to threats from the ground and the air. The demo attracted representatives from agencies around the country, as well as a number of international delegations.

USA: Meeting Honeywell in Arizona

As part of their USA tour, Ido and Rom met with a team from Honeywell Aerospace Technologies at their facility in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a rewarding exchange of expertise - they demonstrated the capabilities of Orion and Vega, and learned about Honeywell’s Ground Control System. 

USA: Police drones in Louisiana

Public safety officers from around the US attended to watch a demo of the Orion-based autonomous first response system in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office showed its effectiveness in responding to all kinds of crimes and emergencies - the system will be a game changer in this high-crime area.

Switzerland: Airspace World  

The High Lander team flew to Geneva for the Airspace World conference. The event brought together aerospace decision-makers from around the world to discuss the future of the unified airspace - and Ido and Kevin were at the center of things, demonstrating how High Lander solutions are guiding aviation into this future.  

Italy: Mediterranean Aerospace Matching 

High Lander was proud to fly to Italy to participate in this event, which was organized by the Italian aerospace group Distretto Tecnologico Aerospaziale. Alon and Shahar took to the stage to deliver a lecture about the evolution of aviation to an audience of representatives from the aerospace industry, public safety teams and government agencies. They also displayed results from the implementation of Orion DFM with Bari Police. 

Israel National Drone Initiative

The latest round of the INDI project took place in Rishon LeTsyon. We put Vega through some demanding tests, checking its Remote ID and ADS-B capabilities from every possible angle. We also participated in a showcase of Robotican’s Goshawk first responder drone which will fly under Vega as it takes on roles with national emergency services.

New Office Manager

We welcomed a new office manager, Ran Levin Klass. She’ll be responsible for organizing everything that happens in our offices, from supplies and company activities to accounting and communications. 

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