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High Lander becomes a member of GUTMA

We are proud to announce that High Lander has joined the Global UTM Association!

This Switzerland-based organization, better known as GUTMA, has been a leading light in the UTM space since its establishment in 2016. It comprises a consortium of leading aviation companies and national regulators dedicated to building an ecosystem where drones and crewed aircraft can work together in harmony.

If that sounds familiar to you, that’s probably because you’ve been hearing us say it for years! Like GUTMA, we believe that the future of aviation is one where UTM services are integrated with existing air traffic control systems, enabling all forms of aircraft to coexist. In order for this to happen, there needs to be a global standard to which UTM services must adhere, and establishing such a standard is one of the central missions of GUTMA.

It was a natural step for us to join an organization that shares our values.

GUTMA is a very influential force in our industry. It runs working groups where leading figures discuss pertinent issues and formulate policy, it organizes industry events where figures from the drone community can meet and make partnerships, it publishes regular reports and UTM standards guidelines, and it works to influence EASA, the European aviation regulator, in its policy decisions.

Now that High Lander is a member (joining organizations including Boeing, the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority, the US Federal Aviation Administration, Israel Aerospace Industries, Switzerland’s Federal Office for Civil Aviation, and many more) we’ll be sitting in on these working groups and helping to shape policy decisions that have a long-term effect on the U-space in Europe and beyond.

The UTM space has progressed dramatically over the last few years, developing from a proof of concept to a real working model that’s already beginning to gain traction amongst national regulators. And at the risk of sounding egotistical, we believe that this progress is the result of the hard work and risks taken by innovative drone companies… such as High Lander. With this new membership, we look forwarding to taking an even bigger part in pushing the industry forward.

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