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INDI is back - and we're going integration crazy!

We’re embarking on one of the most intense rounds of the Israel National Drone Initiative yet. Not only are we integrating (and strengthening existing integrations) with a range of exciting drones, we’re also testing new applications, and doing it in several cities around central Israel where the airspace is heavily used and strictly regulated. Phew!

Here are some of the integrations we’ll be working on:

The Quadpole One is a tethered drone-in-a-box solution. The charging tether means that drones can stay in the air indefinitely. In this round of INDI, it’ll be performing traffic watch duties with a DJI drone. A tethered drone provides a bird’s-eye view that’s not achievable in any other way - and it will be powered by our platforms.

Our partners from Brazil will be here carrying deliveries from Rami Levi, one of Israel’s biggest supermarkets. They are flying under our Universal UTM - to read more about our partnership with Speedbird, click here.

This company produces an autonomous drone for hostile drone interception, a semi-autonomous indoor drone for search and rescue, and a stealth drone for reconnaissance. We’ll be using this round of INDI as an opportunity to developing our integrations with these incredible products.

The company behind the AIR ONE, a truly groundbreaking eVTOL, has chosen to use our UTM system as standard. This is a vehicle that’s going to change the world, and we'll be making the official announcement soon. This week, we’ll be working hard to finalize our integration.

And finally... a mystery integration

We're proud to say that a China-based producer of eVTOLs has arrived in Israel and will be executing flights with our UTM. We can't reveal anything until next week... so you'll just have to wait and see. With every iteration of the INDI project we can taste the future a little bit more. Here's to another great week!

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