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High Lander and Sentrycs partner to provide end-to-end airspace management and threat mitigation

Tel Aviv, September 2023 - High Lander, a leading provider of drone fleet management and uncrewed traffic management software, and Sentrycs, a global leader in integrated counter-drone technology, have partnered to create a package that gives authorities unprecedented U-space management and enforcement capabilities.

As drone use proliferates worldwide, public safety agencies from aviation regulators to city municipalities have understood the urgent need to adopt technology that gives them the power to effectively manage all forms of airspace activity. Specifically, maintaining safety in an era of growing aerial traffic requires real-time oversight of widespread drone activity at scale, protection of no-fly-zones such as those around airports and air taxi routes, mitigation of aerial conflicts, and the ability to neutralize aerial threats.

The Sentrycs solution detects drone activity, extracts user-level identification from drones, and neutralizes unapproved drones by disconnecting them from their remote controls and assuming direct control in order to land them safely. The mechanism doesn’t rely on line of sight, making it ideal for operation in urban areas where drone activity will be most concentrated.

Through this partnership, Sentrycs’ technology is incorporated into High Lander’s uncrewed traffic management solution, Vega UTM - a drone-agnostic, automated software solution that monitors in real-time all airborne activity over territories of any size. It autonomously approves, denies, and suggests alternative flight plans as needed, and provides operators with up to the minute notifications on all relevant airspace data.

By combining their solutions, Sentrycs and High Lander now provide all of these capabilities in one complete package. The integrated solution autonomously monitors airspace activity in real time, coordinates flight plans at scale, detects unapproved flights and the location of their pilots, and forces unauthorized drones to land safely with no collateral damage. Thus, the new, combined solution covers every angle of drone monitoring, detection and threat management, creating a powerful ally that ensures security in the sky.

“We are very excited by this partnership. These are two solutions that complement each other perfectly,” said Alon Abelson, CEO of High Lander. “Vega UTM sets a global standard for consolidated airspace awareness and Sentrycs’ impressive counter-drone technology empowers authorities to directly enforce U-space management decisions. Working together, these solutions create a powerful package capable of combating noncompliant airspace activities, while enabling a drone-based economy that operates in harmony with crewed aviation.”

“Sentrycs’ mission is to provide authorities with a safe method of neutralizing the risks posed by unauthorized drone operators, and as such, collaborations with UTM providers are central to our roadmap,” said Yoav Zaltzman, CEO of Sentrycs. “Combining our state-of-the-art counter-drone technology with High Lander’s leading traffic management solution, enables us to contribute towards a safer airspace for drone operators, and anyone they encounter. This partnership will also have a significant effect on drone adoption and a positive drone economy worldwide, by empowering regulatory authorities to effectively coordinate aerial activity in all its forms, in urban areas, and at any range.”

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