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Five ways that DFM software gives security superpowers to any drone

Updated: Feb 6

A remote control-operated drone is already a security tool considerably more effective than any fixed camera or ground patrol. But integrate that same drone into a drone fleet management (DFM) software platform and it becomes a different beast altogether.

In this article, we’ll look at five superpowers that can be granted to any off-the-shelf drone with the right operating software.

1) Miss nothing

Drones are perfect surveillance tools due to their speed, freedom of movement and next-generation information gathering capabilities. However, when operated by people they share the same weakness as any fixed camera: humans are fallible. A camera is only effective if a human is watching, and inexperience and/or fatigue can lead to threats being missed.

DFM software takes this worry off our minds: integrated AI autonomously registers, identifies, counts and tracks objects from individuals to fast-moving vehicles. It can also alert the operator to movements so that the operator doesn’t need to pay constant attention. At Tel Aviv Pride 2023, for example, the city municipality used drones with DFM software and integrated AI to effectively supervise a moving crowd of more than 200,000 people. The software accurately counted the masses and enabled the security team to effortlessly track suspicious persons and neutralize threats before they even happened.

2) Command an entire fleet

For larger-scale security operations, such as the protection of sizable areas of land with long perimeters or multiple, separate sites, one drone won't be enough. But hiring a pilot for every drone in your fleet is an expensive undertaking - and for really big security operations, like patrolling a national border, that’s a lot of work hours and a lot of threats than can be missed.

DFM software enables a single operator to execute multiple missions simultaneously from a single dashboard. They can plan and alter flight paths, dispatch as many drones as needed at the same time, control their drones’ payloads, and view all drone camera feeds at the same time. The best platforms will even allow the operator to click on any active drone and operate it manually via a ‘cockpit mode’.

3) Automate your response

Emergency services worldwide are increasingly turning to drones to support their first responders, and the payoff has been impressive. However, while these drones rely on human operators for dispatch and guidance, their effectiveness is limited.

A good DFM platform removes human error from the equation by automating the process. It can dispatch drones with no human input, both on timed patrols and as a response to emergencies via integrations with external sensors, charging pads, and radar. For example, in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the local sheriff’s office has integrated a DFM into its citywide gunshot detection system. Drones will be autonomously dispatched to the site of gunshots as they happen, slashing response times, ensuring that no incident goes unreported, and protecting officers by giving them information about crime scenes before they arrive.

4) Maintain safety

Drones are a growing presence in our airspaces, and as such are required to conform to aviation law. This means maintaining safety by avoiding conflicts with other drones, no-fly-zones and traditional aviation.

DFM software gives the operator a bird’s-eye view of their fleet in real-time while built-in safety features prevent mid-air conflicts, warn pilots against making accidental incursions into no-fly-zones, and provide failsafes to protect drones and people underneath them in cases of technical malfunctions. The best DFM platforms will come integrated with a UTM solution ensuring regulatory compliance with existing aviation rules too.

5) Save money

The bottom line is the bottom line. Using a fleet of drones to manage security - for example at mass events - brings considerable savings in manpower while enhancing effectiveness. They enable you to rapidly establish presence, dissuading criminal behavior before any damage has even been done.

Previously, they only way to do this was with a helicopter, a prohibitively expensive

outgoing for most businesses and a financial strain even for authorities. In the UK alone, drones are expected to save businesses up to £16 billion by 2030. The best DFM platforms are drone-agnostic too, so businesses don’t need to replace their existing hardware.

It's easy to get started

High Lander’s Orion DFM platform is a hardware-agnostic software solution that’s used by businesses and authorities worldwide to command entire fleets of security drones.

Packed with utility and safety features, and integrated as standard with High Lander’s world-leading Vega UTM system, Orion has been setting a global standard in end-to-end drone fleet management since 2018.

We offer a 21-day trial of the software, free of charge and with no obligation.

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