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Environmental protection from the air: combating illegal landfills in Italy

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

This week, High Lander arrived in the southern Italian city of Bari to help the police and municipality fight a serious crime - illegal landfills.

Illegal dumping of garbage is a major problem in Italy. Unapproved landfills pollute the soil and create a serious health hazard to people and animals living in the area. In addition, there is a considerable financial cost involved in finding them, cleaning them up, and punishing the wrongdoers. Until now, the authorities had been playing catch-up, doing their best to find these sites before they grew too large, only for new sites to pop up and replace those they managed to shut down, Their overall success rate is only 20 percent.

In the city of Bari, they’ve had enough. The police and municipality have decided to fight illegal landfills with drone technology, under a project called DRONE-TECH.

The goal is an autonomous system that dispatches autonomous drones to patrol the countryside, scanning huge areas with their high-quality cameras and alerting authorities when they see suspicious sites. They’ll also record the landscape in detail, allowing them to take note of changes when they occur. In short, the project will enable the authorities to monitor huge areas very effectively.

The architects of the solution are the Distretto Tecnologia Aerospaziale, a non-profit aerospace organization, the University of Bari, Sightec, and, of course, High Lander. The system will be based on Mission Control, with the drones augmented with Sightec’s AI technology.

We’re very excited about getting this project underway and we’ll be giving you updates as they arise. Ciao for now!

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