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Welcoming VIPs from Singapore to our office

Updated: May 23, 2023

We were honored to welcome executives from HTX, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, and the Singapore Civil Defense Force for a tour of our offices and a product demonstration on Sunday.

We last met these guys back in January when we flew to Singapore, and we were delighted to return the favor.

Singapore is one of the most dynamic and technologically advanced markets in the world, so naturally, the authorities have long been very interested in drones. HTX is the government agency that spearheads this. A sub-office of the Ministry of Home Affairs, HTX's goal is to advance public safety through integration of scientific and engineering innovations into Singaporean national infrastructure. As part of this goal, it is very active in collaborating and investing in new technologies like biometrics, cybersecurity, cloud computing, digital forensics, and more. Its drone initiatives happen through its 'Robotics, Automation & Unmanned Systems' center - achievements include pioneering BVLOS, long range, and autonomous drone flights in Singapore, developing a drone specialized for BVLOS indoor flights, and supporting the Singapore Police Force in its adoption of drones to track gatherings during COVID-19 lockdowns. It also has a ‘Common Robotics Dashboard’ that aims to consolidate control of all the agency’s autonomous and robotic assets in one place.

Of course, drone flights need permission from aviation authorities too. The relevant authorities in Singapore are the CAAS and the SCDF. The CAAS has a relatively progressive view of drones, with a system in place that allows recreational use under certain conditions while requiring special permissions for more involved drone use.

However, as with many territories around the world, Singaporean authorities are discovering the urgent need of a system that can monitor all forms of air traffic effectively and at scale. The ideal situation for a technologically-minded regime like that of Singapore is one where it (and its citizens) can enjoy the many benefits of drones, but without having to worry about interference with manned aircraft and other potential dangers.

Naturally, this led them to find our UTM system and begin integration talks. We were proud to provide an advanced demonstration of the capabilities of Universal UTM in creating a harmonious, consolidated airspace.

We believe that this is what the future will look like. And we love it when people agree.

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