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High Lander’s complete airspace control platform offers the next-generation UTM solution for managing increasingly crowded skies. From preflight authorization to mid-mission changes and post-flight logs, Universal UTM enables efficient management of all aspects of airspace control.

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What Is UTM?

There have been many great advancements in drone technology over recent years, all of which accelerated the industry towards an inevitable ceiling: a sky that is literally full of drones. Controlling all that air traffic is a daunting task, and is referred to in the drone industry as Unmanned Traffic Management, or UTM.


There are already 368,508 commercial drones registered in the United States alone – more than 10 times the number of commercial aircraft in the world.

UTM Needs To Be Universal

Current UTM solutions all have one fatal flaw: they aren’t universal. Drone traffic may be a relatively new concept, but traditional aircraft have been slowly taking over our skies for over a century, and that industry can serve as a foundational model for understanding how the future of drone traffic will be managed.


Amazon, UPS, and DHL are just a few of the many major corporations working on UTM, but their solutions only work when they’re the only operator in the airspace; in order to safely and effectively manage real-world airspace, they need a unifying system that can integrate all the traffic into one platform.


Just like neither United Airlines nor British Airways is responsible for international air traffic control – nor Boeing, nor Airbus – a universal UTM solution cannot be the creation of just one service provider or drone manufacturer. The industry needs a truly universal UTM solution that can handle all that traffic, without restrictions.

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Regarding FAA Part 89 and security and privacy concerns, the High Lander Remote ID feature allows anyone to immediately identify any drone using a mobile app with AR.

Built For Tomorrow, Working Today

High Lander’s Mission Control platform provides the necessary functionality for current drone traffic management needs, including delivery networks, first responders, robotic aerial security, and other services operating in shared or overlapping airspace.


Plus, our Universal UTM solution autonomously manages all of that traffic in real time, giving it significantly more control than other systems that cannot actually do anything to ensure safe skies after takeoff. The scale of unmanned flight is so dizzying that it absolutely requires unmanned management.

Other UTM solutions are primarily concerned with preventing drone traffic from interfering with manned aviation, but don’t actually facilitate autonomous control of multiple drones flying multiple missions.

Universal UTM creates ACTRs (Autonomous Control Tower Regions) within the dashboard that fully automate the busiest airspaces: where multiple drones are taking off and landing simultaneously. This is critical to unlocking efficient traffic management, especially as more drones are tasked with more missions in more places, every day.

Government Agencies And Regulators

Organizations responsible for managing large, complex airspaces can finally see all the air traffic in their domains in one intuitively navigable dashboard.


Flight plans can be submitted, reviewed, and approved/denied through the system, in order to meet the FAA’s LAANC and Part 107 requirements. Regulators can autonomously enforce NPNT (No Permission No Takeoff) through the platform, and pilots can see NOTAMs, weather advisories, and other relevant information.


Any experienced aviator knows that even the best laid flight plans need to be flexible and responsive to dynamic changes in the skies, yet competing UTM solutions are limited and unable to make any changes during flight – only High Lander provides that peace of mind.

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Drone Delivery Networks

Despite increasingly widespread enthusiasm for the potential of drone deliveries, the correlating increase in widespread adoption still faces one major hurdle: airspace management.


Delivery-by-drone requires the efficient creation and approval of spontaneous, unique flight plans; dynamic collision avoidance; accurate local data including NFZs and GIS information; fully autonomous flight capabilities; intelligently coordinated fleets, and more.


Our platform goes above and beyond these requirements and is already facilitating both medical and consumer delivery networks.

Enterprise Drone Operations

From agricultural fields to urban infrastructure, new drones are being deployed to solve complex problems everywhere, every day. As a result, drone traffic is increasing at a dizzying rate, and the most complex problem to solve is how to manage all those operations safely and efficiently, no matter the type of drone in the air.


Our software-only technology integrates with any off-the-shelf drone, and by leveraging our hardware-based partners we can even integrate with custom-built drones. Whatever operations you are applying drone technology to, High Lander’s platform provides the drone fleet management tools you need today, along with a UTM solution ready for tomorrow.

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Facilities Inspection

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Public Safety

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