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The heart of our scalable software solutions is next-generation technology that seamlessly combines our wealth of aviation experience with the latest advancements in the drone industry.

Mission Control is a turnkey solution for managing any kind of drone fleet operations at scale. Universal UTM is an end-to-end solution for complex air traffic management of both manned and unmanned aircraft. Our industry-leading technologies overcome the challenges facing the emerging drone industry by seamlessly providing:

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Intelligent Airspace Control

Intelligently reacts and re-routes drones as needed, maintaining perfect airspace control for tens, hundreds, or thousands of drones.

- Multi-Drone, Multi-Mission Capabilities

- Collision Avoidance

- Object Detection

- BVLOS Capable

Autonomous Fleet Management

Autonomously manages individual drones’ takeoffs & landings, routes, and tasks. Hand-off these rudimentary operations to be managed autonomously by the system, freeing up experts to prioritize their focus as needed. Drones can go from fully-autonomous to fully-piloted, providing maximum flexibility for real-world scenarios.


- Autonomous Flight

- Autonomous Takeoffs & Landings (ATOL)

- Autonomous Control Tower Regions (ACTR)

- Object Tracking

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Coordinated Air Continuity

Overcomes the existing limitations on distance and flight time by coordinating the seamless replacement of drones of any type, creating true 24/7 air continuity.

- Range Extension

- Charging Station Agnostic

- Distributed Droneports

- Precision Landing


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