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Better Data at Lower Costs

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Autonomous Flight

Set your flight path for data collection and High Lander will take care of everything – from takeoffs and landings to everything in between.

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Advanced Payload Options

Leverage your eye in the sky with advanced payload options such as RGB or multispectral cameras, LIDAR, and RTK hardware to gather all the data you need.

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2D-Mapping & 3D-Modeling

Capture high-quality images to create accurate 2D maps and 3D models with geo-referenced orthomosaics.

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Unlimited Flight Time

Autonomous drone swaps when battery levels are low means surveying & mapping can continue unimpeded – no more stopping to change a battery.

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Data Collection on Autopilot

Aerial collection of data for surveying & mapping provides an accurate, up-to-date picture of the status on the ground. Set up recurring overflights to snap exactly the same images, from the same angles, so you can spot any changes over time. Whether you need topographical measurements or photogrammetry, High Lander-powered drones give you the payload options, like adding RTK hardware to capture it all, and do it autonomously.


Nothing compares to the speed and safety of capturing data from the air. Drones save you both the time of labor-intensive data collection from the ground, as well as the inherent dangers of traversing more precarious areas. Schedule tasks in advance and assign multiple drones for unlimited flight time through hot swaps. High Lander gives you all the tools you need to save time and manpower, so you can take on additional work and increase revenues.

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Software Enables Any Drone / Payload

Drones for surveying & mapping have already proven to be a better, cost-effective aerial solution compared to helicopters or planes. High Lander’s software-only technology means you can take any drone, from entry-level mini-drones to drone-in-a-box, and turn them into surveying & mapping drones. This flexibility means you can add more drones easily when needed, all while staying within budget.

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