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Improve Safety with Increased Sight on Site

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Autonomous Takeoff & Landing

Drones that can automatically be where you need them to be are invaluable. Pilots can take over in dynamic situations, but aren’t required to perform rudimentary tasks.

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Most advanced security drones on the market are prohibitively expensive, but with High Lander, you can turn any standard drone-in-a-box into a super security drone. Or connect more than one to create your own fleet-in-a-box!

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Advanced Payload Options

From camera loadouts including night vision and thermal imaging, to extra features like lights, sirens, and a speaker, your drone fleet can provide the security upgrades you’ve been waiting for.

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Ground Unit Support App

Protect your security personnel by providing them with mission-critical data and real-time video from multiple UAVs seamlessly through our app.

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Mission, Managed

To really maximize the impact that drones can have on security operations, you don’t want to have to manage every aspect of their tasks. Using the Operations Center on the dashboard, you can easily set up recurring missions for them to complete autonomously - simply drag and drop waypoints to make changes mid-mission.

Ground Unit Integration

No matter how impressive your drone security fleet may be, you’ll undoubtedly still require security officers on the ground. Drones are already proven to be capable partners, providing an extra set of eyes to watch over patrols on the ground, but with High Lander they can do even more: using our Sky Watch app, security personnel can see exactly what the drones see, and can request specific support actions for the drones to carry out.

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C8 Image- SkyWatch app on iPhone alongsi
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Coordinated Air Continuity

Autonomous capabilities and multidrone collaboration combine to provide 24/7 coverage of your security perimeter. You can have multiple drones regularly patrolling a location (fully autonomously) and they will automatically perform a “changing of the guard” whenever an active drone needs to recharge. This hot-swap feature ensures there are no gaps in your security protocols, without any extra human involvement necessary.

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