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The First Choice for First Responders

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BVLOS Capable

Emergencies can happen anywhere, so support drones have to be capable of flying beyond the visual line of sight to provide first responders with advanced information.

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Object Detection & Tracking

Vehicles, weapons, and people can all be detected automatically, and drones can be assigned accordingly to track designated targets autonomously.

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Advanced Payload Options

From camera loadouts including night vision and thermal imaging, to extra features like lights, sirens, and a speaker, your drone fleet can provide the emergency support you need.

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Ground Unit Support App

Provide ground units with mission-critical data and real-time video from multiple UAVs seamlessly, allowing for complex missions and changes while in action.

Orion DFM dashboard image

Sight on Site

Your eye-in-the-sky video feed along with mission-critical data is shared among the command center, local and remote pilots, and relevant ground units. Multiple perspectives of the scene and advanced payload options ensure that first responders will have all the information and tools needed to make quick and accurate decisions. You can track multiple drones at multiple sites, all at the same time.

Dynamic Deployment

Drones are the ultimate companion. Deploy on scene and instantly get ahold of the situation. High Lander-connected drones can go from fully-autonomous to fully-piloted, providing maximum flexibility for real world scenarios. Handoff rudimentary tasks to be managed autonomously by the system, freeing up experts to prioritize their focus on dynamic emergency situations.

Orion DFM dashboard image
Orion DFM dashboard image
Orion DFM dashboard image

Ground Unit Integration

Nothing can replace the brave men and women who put their lives on the line, but drones are already proving to be the perfect sidekicks for many emergency situations. Now, ground units can not only get an extra set of eyes on the scene, but also request mission changes or specific actions while they’re in the field.

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