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High Lander news roundup: April 2023

Updated: May 10, 2023

The month of April… with spring in the air and flowers newly blooming, a certain drone fleet management company was busy as a bee. Highlights included one of our most ambitious product tests yet and an amazing trip around Brazil culminating in some very exciting new international partnerships. Read on to learn more…

New partnership: Speedbird Aero

We signed a massive new partnership! Speedbird Aero is Brazil’s biggest and most well-established drone delivery company, operating its delivery network across many Brazilian cities - and from now on, they’ll be using Universal UTM to monitor all airspaces in which they operate. This is a huge development that will form the basis of a wider alliance of companies across the LATAM region! Read more.

Tech exhibition: LAAD 2023

We flew to the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro to attend LAAD 2023 as guests of EDGE. LAAD is Latin America’s biggest defense and security conference, so it was an honor to be there, and we gave attendees the chance to pilot a real drone, in real time, from thousands of miles away. We love showing our solutions off to people - it’s always a thrill to see how much fun they have using our system!

Meeting: Embraer and Eve

As part of our tour of Brazil, we flew to São José for a meeting with executives from Embraer. Embraer is the world’s third-largest aircraft manufacturer, so a true giant in the field, and its drone-focused subsidiary, Eve Air Mobility, is a leading organization in the drone industry. We discovered that we have an awful lot in common, and we’ll be working together closely in the future.

More meetings: ANAC, DECEA, Saipher

We were treated to tours of the head offices of Brazil’s aviation regulators – the Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil and the Departamento de Controle do Espaço Aéreo - and had some very productive talks with their executives. Then we visited the offices of Saipher, the company that supplies air traffic control technology to airports across Brazil. We can reveal that we’re looking forward to more integrations! Click here to learn more.

Into Dubai…

We signed an exciting partnership with Dronehop, a medical supply-focused drone delivery company. The company will be using High Lander Mission Control and Universal UTM to get more out of their drones and ensure they fly with safety and compliance.

King in the North

As part of the INDI project, we installed a Universal UTM terminal at Ground Control Unit 506. Unit 506 is the base responsible for tracking everything airborne in the northern half of Israel. The test was a resounding success and gave us further proof that the future of air traffic control will be a mix of ATM and UTM systems.

Radio star

Podcasts are all the rage nowadays, so it was very exciting when our very own Alon Abelson was invited to star in one. The podcast is called “Drone Source”, hosted by Ben Gross of Elsight. It’s a great interview - Alon talks about the roots of High Lander, how our products developed, some of the things we’ve achieved, our plans for the future, and more. Click here to have a listen!

Eat Haifa

We opened the month with some fun: a culinary tour of Haifa! Our guide, Gil Shultz, took us to some of the best places to eat humus, falafel, burekas, kube and cakes, and ended the tour at a tiny coffee shop that’s famous for its authentic, home-roasted coffee. The whole time, she shared facts and stories about the city where she grew up. Highly recommended!

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