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High Lander July 2023 news roundup: Italian connection

The month of July takes its name from the Roman general and statesman Julius Caesar, a man who was famous for getting a lot of things done. Similarly, High Lander had a very productive month - read on to find out what we’ve been up to.

Next-generation first responder drones

We announced an exciting new partnership that promises to revolutionize emergency response. Robotican, a developer of unique, high-performance UAVs, has modified its Goshawk interceptor drones to serve as rapid-response units for first responders, and they’ll be flying under our UTM system!

Fighting illegal landfills in Italy

The High Lander team travelled to the beautiful city of Bari in southern Italy to help the authorities fight against illegal landfills. The DRONE-TECH project is based on our Mission Control platform and created in collaboration with the University of Bari, Sightec, and DAT, an Italian aerospace organization.

A visit from Brazil

The Speedbird Aero team came all the way from Brazil and paid us a visit! After our meeting we went to INDI headquarters to meet with the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel. Speedbird is the biggest drone delivery company in Brazil, and their proprietary drones fly under our UTM. They were in Israel as to run a delivery project with some big-name restaurants.

Meeting with the CAAI

Representatives from the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel came to our office for an update on our year so far. Between powering security at huge events, beginning exciting new partnerships and integrations, experimenting with new technologies like augmented reality, updating our UX and attending conferences, there was no shortage of updates to share - in fact there was barely enough time to fit everything in!

Youth outreach

We had to pleasure to host two groups of students who came to learn about the future of aviation and how our technology is enabling it. The first group was from HaKfar HaYarok, a youth village in Israel where students learn under a modern curriculum including high-tech specializations, including a UAV program. The second group were STEM scholars who came all the way from Princeton University in New Jersey, USA.

Launching a new DJI dock

We attended a special event marking the launch of a new DJI dock. It’s an impressive piece of equipment - as one expects to see from DJI - with extreme weather protection and rapid charge and autonomous launch capabilities. All of the key players from the Israeli drone ecosystem arrived to honor the occasion and see how the dock works with the Matrice 30.

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