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Control all your drone fleet operations from our easy-to-use dashboard

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C1 Image_ Operations Center panel open w

Operations Center

Build, save, and automate both recurring and ad hoc missions through our intuitive Operations Center. Control all aspects of the missions from takeoff to landing. This allows for both complex and real-time tasks (including changes while in action), all from the comfort of the dashboard.

Fleet Dock

The Fleet Dock allows you to easily see telemetry and other device-specific data for all of your drones without overcrowding the screen. Drag and drop drones in or out of the Fleet Dock, making it easy to choose which drones’ video feeds to see at any given moment.

C2 Image_ Fleet Dock with multiple drone
C3 Image_ Payload sidebar with simultane

Payload Sidebar

From changing the angle of the gimbal to using advanced payload options such as thermal imaging or remote broadcast, the Payload Sidebar provides all of the controls needed to take full advantage of your eyes in the skies.

Notification Panel

Real-time notifications keep you updated on all your drones, in all locations, without overcrowding your dashboard - allowing you to stay focused on the job at hand. 

C4 Image_ Notification panel with _2 dif
C5 Image_ Remote cockpit.png

Remote Cockpit

Simply expand any drone’s live video feed in order to enter Remote Cockpit for that specific drone, allowing you to take over and pilot the drone manually.

Drone-in-a-box Compatible

Mission Control is fully compatible with available drone-in-a-box solutions. Connect one drone-in-a-box or many, automate all of their tasks, and manage an entire fleet-in-a-box all from the comfort of the Mission Control dashboard.

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C7 Image- iPhone (vertical) with SMS sho

Live Link 

Give anyone a look at what your drones are doing and seeing by sending them a customized Live Link. Whether they are in your organization or not, they’ll get a view-only live feed of the action.

Sky Watch: Aerial Support App

Need to take Mission Control on the go? Integrate ground units with multiple UAVs seamlessly, allowing for complex missions and changes while in action.

C8 Image_ SkyWatch app on iPhone alongsi
C8 Image- SkyWatch app on iPhone alongsi
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