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Drones are amazing machines, but you need the right operating system to truly explore their capabilities.




Mission Control is an end-to-end drone fleet management software platform. Use the intuitive dashboard to create missions and watch in real time as your drones execute them autonomously. 







There’s no limit to the number of drone missions the platform can run concurrently, with all aircraft and data displayed via the cleanly-organized, intuitive dashboard. Its robust architecture enables beyond-visual-line-of-sight flights - you can even take the cockpit of a drone thousands of miles away.


Mission Control is hardware-agnostic, integrating with more than 85 percent of off-the-shelf and open source drones. It also works with supporting technologies like charging stations and counterdrone solutions, making it a cornerstone of any complete security solution.

The platform is packed with utility and safety tools that provide everything you need to create detailed missions and execute them safely.

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Feature toolkit

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Payload control

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Direct control of drone hardware from the dashboard. Examples include gimbal adjustment, camera settings, speakers, delivery boxes, spray nozzles, etc. 

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Cockpit mode

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Provides the user with full control of a drone in flight, while expanding the drone’s live video feed for a pilot’s-eye view. The pilot can be thousands of miles away!

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GPS loss

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If signal is lost, the drone will lock itself in place until the signal returns. If it doesn’t return in time, the drone will gently land itself. 

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Terrain recognition

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Alters flight plans in cases where they could conflict with natural obstacles.

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Hot replacement

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Autonomous dispatch of a replacement drone when an in-mission drone is low on battery, providing seamless mission continuity.  

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Collision avoidance

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Real-time monitoring and automated navigation adjustments to prevent mid-air conflicts.

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Share link 

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Creates a web link to a live view from the video feed of a drone, to be shared with any recipient.

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Precision landing

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Guides drones to chosen landing spots with pinpoint accuracy, widening the scope of missions and allowing for effective autonomous charging. 

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Object detection 

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Gives drones the power to detect, identify and count people and vehicles. Drones can also track a chosen object even if it is moving quickly. 

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Weather widget

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Up-to-the-hour meteorological data such as wind speed and direction, rainfall and humidity. Definition of ‘fair’ conditions can be configured. 

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Mapping tool

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Define a polygon and dispatch a drone to autonomously map this area, creating a 2D or 3D result. The system can use the data to update its own maps.

Mission Control is a powerful, versatile tool used by clients worldwide for a range of applications - first responders, security, deliveries, event management, and more.  

We offer prospective clients a 21-day free trial, with no obligation. To book a free demo and get the ball rolling, or just to receive more information, please provide your details below and we'll be in touch.  

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