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The world needs a Universal UTM

Drones are already a common sight in skies around the world, and their numbers are growing fast. With all this new air traffic, people around the world are asking the obvious questions: how can we keep low-altitude air traffic flowing safely? Can drones ever operate alongside crewed aircraft?

The answer is yes - with Universal UTM.

Universal UTM is a system that coordinates drone activity on a national level, that protects restricted airspaces, and that enables crewed and uncrewed aircraft to coexist in harmony. 

High Lander UTM image

How does it work?

Universal UTM is an autonomous, software-based system. It divides airspaces into sections governed by virtual control towers, meaning that the system is infinitely scalable and easily capable of overseeing an entire country. It’s drone-agnostic, compatible with all off-the-shelf drones, with new types easily integrated for full coverage. In addition, recent technological and regulatory developments mean that even drones that aren’t registered to High Lander will be detectable too.

High Lander UTM image

What exactly does it do? 

The system monitors all active drones in its designated airspaces, in real time. It autonomously checks flight plans against each other and against no-fly-zones, approving and denying flight plans in accordance. It’s responsive to real-time changes, so it will automatically flag conflicts as they happen.

User experience

The system was built to be easy to use; there’s no steep learning curve here. The display is intuitive, comprising a live map with all active drones clearly displayed on top. The user can select any drone to see its identity and flight plan. It also displays a live history of flights for a fuller overview of the situation minute-by-minute.

High Lander UTM image
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