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Why Do You Need Mission Control?

From private businesses to government agencies, organizations worldwide are waking up to the endless applications and power of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). But to use these machines to the fullest extent of their capabilities, they need a consolidated fleet management system.

This is what Mission Control provides.

Mission Control is an end-to-end system that gives users the power to create automated missions for an entire fleet of UAVs. It’s infinitely scalable, with no real limit to the number of units it can control, and UAV-agnostic, integrated with all off-the-shelf UAV types. Easy to use and rich in features, Mission Control puts you in full command of your fleet. 


How Does It Work?

Mission Control is a cloud-based software system that communicates and controls linked UAVs via cellular towers. This means that there is no geographical limit to where your fleet can operate, either autonomously or manually. Missions are created via an intuitive dashboard: you just select a UAV, tell it what to do, and dispatch. You can watch what your UAVs are doing in real time on the live map display. 


What Can You Do With It?

With Mission Control, you create flight paths for your UAVs and dispatch them. They will carry out the mission with no need for further input from you. Extensive safety features protect your UAVs in many common accident situations: collision control will resolve navigation conflicts between two UAVs, terrain recognition capability will automatically guide a UAV over or around a natural obstacle, and GPS loss protection will even protect the UAV in the unlikely event of it losing signal.

While your UAVs operate automatically, you can take control of any UAV at any time, with cockpit mode allowing you to fly a UAV as if you were sitting inside. Needless to say, the dashboard gives you full control of UAV payloads as well.

There are a range of features designed for surveillance. For example, your UAVs can be set to patrol any area, and you can set the system to replace low-battery UAVs with fresh ones to ensure continuous coverage. They can be set to detect, identify, count, and even follow objects or people, and you can even create a link to give selected recipients a live view from any UAV’s live camera feed.

High Lander Mission Control - for any mission, in any location.  

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