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Faster. Safer. More affordable.

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Complex Task Management

Using our Operations Center within the dashboard, it’s easy to customize tasks to suit your specific inspection needs and schedule recurring tasks to improve efficiency.

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Autonomous Flight

Takeoffs, landings, routine tasks and more can all be done autonomously thanks to High Lander’s industry-leading software solution.

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Advanced Payload Options

Using advanced camera loadouts like thermal imaging and specialized payload options including lights and sensor arrays, your drone fleet can inspect every nook and cranny.

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High Quality Video Logs

Allow your drones to perform their inspections at any time of day (or night!) and allow your experts to review or investigate the recorded video footage at their convenience.

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Efficient Expertise

Tedious tasks can be managed autonomously by the system, enabling your inspectors to focus only on what requires their specific industry expertise. Easy access to complete video logs further improves your operational efficiency by significantly reducing the amount of time your inspectors need to spend in front of the screen.

More Access to More Data

Aerial inspections allow experts to get an  impossible to access. Set up recurring tasks to capture exactly the same video angles, so you can spot any changes over time. In addition to visual inspections, High Lander-powered drones can provide thermal measurements, photogrammetry, and more. Drones can go from fully-autonomous to fully-piloted, allowing you to take over whenever something needs a closer look.

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Improved Safety, Reduced Downtime

The speed and safety of capturing data with drones is incomparable. Drones are much more efficient than labor-intensive data collection from the ground, much more affordable than alternative aerial solutions, and also mitigate the dangers inherent in inspecting more dangerous facilities. Faster inspections with fewer human inspectors means less site downtime needed for the inspections themselves.

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