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Dependable Delivery by Drones

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BVLOS Capable

Delivery drones have to be capable of flying beyond the visual line of sight in order to bring packages to their final destinations.

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Route Optimization

Smart software determines and executes the ideal route for every individual delivery.

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Collision Avoidance

Multiple drones can freely operate in overlapping airspace without any risk of collision, whether piloted or autonomously.

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Delivery Tracking App

Track your package en route, approve the final approach, confirm delivery, and send the drone home – all from the app.

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Dashboard Image- Delivery app showing “P
Dashboard Image- Delivery app showing “P

Dependable Delivery

To successfully scale a drone-delivery operation, autonomous flight is a prerequisite. High Lander’s industry-leading fleet management system can instantly turn your individual delivery drones into a cohesive unit of coordinated smart drones. Whether they’re collaborating to fulfill a long-range medical delivery, or simply avoiding each other while crisscrossing through crowded skies with lunch orders in tow, High Lander-powered drones will get the job done quickly and safely.

Long Range

While delivery within a small, defined area may be fairly easy to set up, that ignores a large portion of delivery requirements. Some deliveries will need to go from city to city, some from county to county, and some even from state to state - but no single drone can fly that far! High Lander’s dedicated delivery management system, distributed droneports, multidrone collaborative missions, and BVLOS-capabilities allow nearly limitless delivery.

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Total Flexibility

Different packages need different drones, and with High Lander you can use any drone on the market. Whether you need high-capacity drones to deliver refrigerated goods, hot pizzas, or a mini-drone to carry a priority package such as a blood sample, you can connect either (or both!) to High Lander and manage the consignment from pick-up to delivery.

UTM Solution

for Delivery Networks

Delivery-by-drone requires spontaneous, unique flight plans; dynamic collision avoidance; accurate local data including NFZs and GIS information; fully autonomous flight capabilities; intelligently coordinated fleets, and more. Our platform goes above and beyond these requirements and is already facilitating both medical and consumer delivery networks.

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