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Apply for 3 FREE weeks of High Lander!

In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we are offering free usage of our drone management platform for 3 WEEKS to all First Responders and other critical professionals at this time. 

This includes our new Remote Broadcast feature that allows First Responders to remotely communicate audio messages to any off-the-shelf drone from the safety of a command center. Click here to learn more about our software-only solution.

Please fill out the form so that we can check your eligibility and process your application 

6. Please list the full names and email addresses of up to 3 platform users:

7. Please upload your organization’s logo (PNG format only).

This will be used to personalize your dashboard on the High Lander platform.

Upload File

Thank you for applying! Please allow up to 48 hours for our review process. You will be contacted with further details and instructions. For any questions, please feel free to email us here:


Also, please feel free to share this with any colleagues who may be interested! We’re happy to extend this free offer to any organization that can make use of our platform in the fight against COVID-19. We’re in this together, and we mean it.

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