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The world’s only complete airspace management solution


As drone use proliferates rapidly worldwide, the urgent need for effective management of this new category of air traffic is becoming increasingly clear. Authorities must the ability to control every aspect of airspace activity - from flight plan coordination and aircraft identification to NFZ enforcement and threat neutralization.

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Vega UTM in action

High Lander, a leader in uncrewed traffic management, and Sentrycs, a pioneer in drone detection and mitigation, have answered this call by combining their solutions to create an end-to-end airspace management system.

Integrated counter-
drone solutions


Vega UTM

Sentrycs features
Vega UTM features

Uncrewed traffic management platform

Vega UTM is an autonomy-capable software solution providing real-time airspace awareness enabling coordination of disparate drone fleets and traditional air traffic at any scale. Vega approves and denies flight plans, identifies and mitigates conflicts, and bolsters traditional air traffic management systems to provide the digital infrastructure the world needs to create a consolidated sky.

Sentrycs’ integrated counter-drone solution is designed to detect, track, and identify unauthorized drones and their pilots accurately and reliably with zero false alarms. It can then take over control of unauthorized drones when they enter a predefined no-fly zone and safely land them in a designated area. This is all done without any collateral damage or interference with authorized drones or other communications or navigation systems.

Sentrycs tripod
Sentrycs car mount

This combined solution will become critical to civil and military aviation authorities, municipalities, public safety organizations, security services and enterprise users. Applications include:

  1. Closing and controlling airspaces for emergencies, mass events and VIP convoys.

  2. Creating and enforcing no-fly-zones to protect airports, hospitals, schools, helicopter routes, sensitive facilities, etc.

  3. Supplementing air traffic control and other aircraft detection systems.

  4. Ensuring that enterprise drone fleets are compliant with regulations.

  5. Enabling safe urban drone operations and harmony with existing air traffic.

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