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Boost Crop Yields, Not Your Budget

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Autonomous Flight

Set your flight path and High Lander will take care of everything – from takeoffs and landings to everything in between.

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Operations Center

Easily map out precise drone flights. Tasks are stored for easy recall, editing, and scheduling, in just a few clicks.

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Advanced Payload Options

Make use of advanced payload options such as sensors, sprayers, and NDVI cameras, all from the comfort of the Mission Control dashboard.

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Unlimited Flight Time

Autonomous drone swaps when battery levels are low mean you can maintain a flight presence over your crops 24/7.

Crisscross route with single drone video

Crop Data on Autopilot

Maintaining your crop growth at high yields requires data, and a lot of it. Drones are the ideal tool to get your crop data at scale, and High Lander puts the entire process on autopilot. Schedule autonomous flights to inspect your fields, or have your entire land mapped and surveyed, all without leaving your chair.

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture can raise your crop yields, yet it requires painstaking work. Not with the advanced payload options empowered by High Lander. Using advanced sensors and precision sprayers allows you to take granular care of each area of your field, or even individual crops. Precision agriculture has never been easier.

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Low Cost, High Yield

Drones for agriculture have already proven to be a better, cost-effective solution compared to helicopters or planes. High Lander’s software-only technology means you can take any drone, even entry-level mini-drones, and turn them into agricultural drones. As your needs grow, you can add more drones to your operation without stretching your budget.

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